As a Colorado Springs accident attorney, Kim Welch wants you to always be safe on when visiting a business and know your rights in the event that a business' negligence causes you injury.



Has a business been negligent, causing you illness or injury?  Every day people are severely injured due to either negligence in maintenance of a property, or outright poor construction. A business' negligence can saddle you with traumatic injuries and major medical expenses, which can impact you financially, and emotionally. 

I have over 25 years of experience helping people just like you. If the negligence of others has caused you injury, let me help you get compensated to cover your medical expenses and pain and suffering.
Businesses and property owners have insurance and lawyers to protect them from the injuries they cause through their negligence.  You need someone to protect your interests.  Give me a call at 719-465-1697 for a free consultation.  I can help.  If they have a lawyer, you need one too.